Corporate Identities

What would you regard as your company’s greatest asset? Your offices, your vehicles, your equipment? While it’s small in stature, it is potentially massive in reputation – your BRAND.

One of the main attributes of a company is public perception and a company is often remembered by the image they project – i.e. their brand – rather than what they do. Branding is ruled by perception and IeCommunications are masters of creating strong, trusted, respected brand identities.

In order for any company to project a consistent, positive and structured brand image, it is essential that their Corporate Identity is structured in a clear and concise manner that ensures that the brand’s various applications are constant. Through the creation of set standards for the use of your brand, you will ensure that public perception and recognition of your brand will become a household name.

No two companies are alike and their needs vary, therefore IeCommunications creates custom Corporate Identities as per your needs, whether it be based on your main brand, co-brands, sub-brands and/or product brands.

Why IeCommunications? We give you the edge by getting to know your brand, what it stands for and what it aims to achieve. We make your brand journey personal!


Let’s make a lasting impression on you. Tell us about your project and lets go!


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