It’s all about branding. Let’s build brands.

We are a full service agency that helps companies develop unique brands that are in line with their core principles, ideals and values. Thereby expressing their true identity to their stakeholders and promoting those brands in such a way that your unique value propositions are clearly defined against those of their competition.

Graphic Design

We are a full service agency that helps companies develop unique brands that are in line with their core principles, ideals and values. This expresses your true identity to your stakeholders and promoting your brand in such a way that your unique value propositions are clearly defined against those of your competition.

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Websites and Digital Media

Your company’s online presence is a non-negotiable factor – it is expected.  Without an online presence you are regarded as irrelevant. The same principles apply with a badly designed and outdated information.

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Are you in need of eyes on you? Do you want everyone’s attention? Signage has various roles, functions and elements that are central to the success of your business! This varies from a sign to announce your company’s presence in a certain location;  a billboard advertising your goods or the services you provide; a directional sign pointing towards the visitors parking or even your name on your door – signage speaks for you and your brand when no-one else is around.

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Photography is often a forgotten element in a company’s marketing and branding arsenal.  You can manage your brand by being able to supply product shots or photographs of your services in action upon request. This includes recent portraits of your Exco members or board of directors?.

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Do you have a map? A GPS? Or are you ‘sure that you will find your way, because you have a ‘good sense of direction’? Moving blindly without a strategic map through the South African business landscape is a recipe for disaster as you never know what is waiting around the next corner. The same is true for your brand. Through the correct development and effective management of your brand IeCommunications are able to guide it along the road to success.

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Corporate Identities

What would you regard as your company’s greatest asset? Your offices, your vehicles, your equipment? While it’s small in stature, it is potentially massive in reputation – your BRAND. One of the main attributes of a company is public perception and a company is often remembered by the image they project – i.e. their brand – rather than what they do. Branding is ruled by perception and IeCommunications are masters of creating strong, trusted, respected brand identities .

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Social Media Marketing

Few platforms in modern media have created such a global mind shift as social media. Your website, while an essential cog in your business activities, is not necessarily the first point of contact with your stakeholders – chances are that they will take a look at your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile before going to your website.

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Industry-related Workshops

Do you want to run away when your agency starts talking about binders creep, section sewing or bleed? IeCommunications developed a series of workshops to introduce individuals who are eager to gain industry and related knowledge. We have workshops on the in’s and out’s of publishing and corporate identitiy.  Please contact our offices for the date of the next workshop.

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