Social Media Marketing

Few platforms in modern media have created such a global mind shift as social media. Your website, while an essential cog in your business activities, is not necessarily the first point of contact with your stakeholders – chances are that they will take a look at your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile before going to your website.

Social media has broken down the barriers between organisations and their stakeholders and your constant online presence has become expected. Stakeholders want to be able to get in contact with and interact with you via social media and this interaction helps to build trust in your brand. Your absence from the social media scene may cause a few eyebrows to rise and my even spawn a hashtag or two! #WhereAreThey #TalkToMe

Social media is not only Facebook and Twitter. Although these two platforms provide the base upon which your social media presence should be built, we will accentuate your social media profile using other available platforms that are complementary to your brand. Our thumbs love talking, so let us give your brand a voice! #connections